What is #SheBelieves?

Through dedication, teamwork, perseverance and success, the U.S. WNT players aim to inspire new generations of young girls and women to be and strive for better. They inspire them to believe.

What is SheBelieves?

Conceived and developed by the U.S. Women’s National Team players, SheBelieves is a movement to inspire young girls and women and encourage them to accomplish their goals and dreams, athletic or otherwise. The campaign was originally launched in the run-up to the 2015 Women’s World Cup but has since evolved and grown into a special bond between the team and its fans, taking its powerful message of empowerment and that of believing in yourself into communities across the nation.

As one of the most popular national women’s team in the United States, the WNT is the prime example that dreams are attainable if you set your mind to it and go after what you want. Through dedication, teamwork, perseverance and success, the players in the U.S. team inspire new generations of young girls and women to be better and strive for better. They inspire them to believe.

SheBelieves Across the Country

Following the USA championship run at the 2015 Women’s World Cup, the team embarked in a 10-city Victory Tour where players met with several women in various professions in various locales across the country to chat about being leaders, advocates, game-changers and role-models. Ranging from entrepreneurs, deputy directors to firefighters, and chefs to park rangers, these women showed that despite all being so different, the common denominator of hard work and discipline led them all to be successful in their own fields.

Spread the Message, Get Involved

In a culture where young girls are often influenced by outdated gender norms, it is the mission of the U.S. WNT players and U.S. Soccer to empower girls to reach their dreams. You and your organization can join this mission by spreading messages of positivity and showcasing your athletes and their stories as examples of hope and success.

The empowerment of young women and girls is not an overnight objective but a permanent movement that can impact millions, because when girls and women succeed, we all succeed. Join us in sharing the message and get involved as we near the SheBelieves Cup. Use #SheBelieves in your posts, content and social media to broaden the awareness of this campaign that impacts every young girl and woman with a dream around the globe. 

SheBelieves Cup
The SheBelieves Cup is an extension of the #SheBelieves campaign, as this event brings together some of the best women soccer players in the world. The tournament assists in spreading the positive message of empowerment and provides a stage to shine the spotlight on positive female role models (athletes and non-athletes alike) and showcase their accomplishments both on the field and in culture at large.

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