What is #SheBelieves?

Through dedication, teamwork, perseverance and success, the U.S. WNT players aim to inspire new generations of young girls and women to be and strive for better. They inspire them to believe.

WNT Brings #SheBelieves to Local Communities

In an effort to give back to the fans who support them on the field, WNT players are sending a simple yet powerful message back: the #SheBelieves campaign is a message to young girls that they can accomplish all their goals and dreams.

#SheBelieves Letter to Fans

Read the #USWNT letter encouraging fans to follow in their dreams.

#SheBelieves - New Orleans

Susan Spicer chats with U.S. WNT forward Christen Press good food, having a good attitude and running the show while loving what you do.

#SheBelieves - Phoenix

Sandrine Nzeukou chats with U.S. WNT defender Julie Johnston about work ethic, having a strong drive and achieving whatever it is you wish to do if you decide to really give it your all.

#SheBelieves - San Antonio

Kellie Elliot chats with U.S. WNT forward Crystal Dunn about women in top managerial jobs across athletics and all professions.

#SheBelieves - Honolulu

Cynthia McArthur chats with USWNT defender Kelley O’Hara about women in science and the importance of finding your passion to be able to blaze your own trail.

#SheBelieves - Orlando

NASA Deputy Director Janet Petro chats with Becky Sauerbrunn about breaking barriers for women, working hard and having the drive to make those big dreams happen.

#SheBelieves - Orlando

Artist Kate Parker chats with Megan Rapinoe about strong depictions of women in art, celebrating who they are.

#SheBelieves - Seattle

Firefighter Susie Rosenthal chats with Hope Solo about breaking through professional barriers.

#SheBelieves - Detroit

Film maker Amy S. Weber Chats with Ashlyn Harris about giving youth a voice against bullying.

#SheBelieves - Chattanooga

Heather O'Reilly chats with Dr. Autumn Graves about guiding young women and girls into positions of leadership through academics, extracurricular activities and athletics.

#SheBelieves - Pittsburgh

Meghan Klingenberg chats with retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, Regina Koetters, about her specialty restaurant that aims to catalyze change in the Pittsburgh culinary scene.