2017 Assessor Grades:

  • Grade 5 – State Assessor
  • Grade 7 – Assessor
The State Director of Assessment is responsible for developing an assessor network that meets the needs of the State Referee Association. 

For 2017 requirements, click the link below.  The 2017 registration window closes June 30, 2017.

2018 registration begins July 1, 2017.  For 2018 requirements, click the link below.

National Referee Coach

Annually, U.S. Soccer selects and certifies individuals as a grade 3 National Referee Coach.  These referee coaches are utilized to mentor officials at all grade levels which includes instructing courses and providing formal assessments.

The selection process used for this grade is both quantitative and qualitative on an annual bassis.  Once selected, the individual must meet a combination of administrative and technical requirements.  

For more information, review the Referee Coach Certification Requirements Grade 3 document.


Assessments can be both formal and informal.  Informal assessments, known as development and guidance assessments, are completed using a carbon copy form.  These assessments offer general performance feedback and the triplicate form provides a record for the official, assessor and the State Director of Assessment. 

Formal assessments are required for grade maintenance and upgrade.  These assessments follow specific criteria and must be completed online by the assessor.  All online assessments are completed in the U.S. Soccer GameOfficials Assessment System and can be accessed by the official, assessor, State Director of Assessment, State Referee Administrator and the U.S. Soccer Referee Department.