Basic Laws of the Game

Beach Soccer is played on a field that is approximately 36 meters long and 27 meters wide. The game is played on sand that is a minimum of 40 centimeters deep and players must be barefoot. Five players, including a goalkeeper, are on the field at one time and play three, 12 minute periods.

There are five substitutes on the bench, and like Futsal, there are unlimited substitutions. Games cannot end in ties, and are decided by a three-minute overtime and then kicks from the penalty spot, which is an imaginary mark on an imaginary penalty area line nine meters from the goal.

Other rules include:

  • After a ball goes out of bounds, it can be thrown or kicked back in play.
  • Goalkeepers can pick up the first back pass from a teammate per possession.
  • Players taking a free kick can make a small mound of sand to place the ball on.