Sports Envoy


In partnership with the State Department, U.S. Soccer players, coaches and administrators have visited more than 24 countries since 2006. The athletes have offered soccer clinics for thousands of boys, girls and coaches.

The Empowering Women and Girls through Sports Initiative aims to increase the number of women and girls involved in sports. It is comprised of three pillars: sports envoys (American athletes who travel overseas); sports visitors (youth athletes and coaches who travel to the United States); and the cornerstone of the initiative, the U.S. Department of State and espnW Global Sports Mentoring Program. For more information, click here.

Upcoming and Past Trips

Upcoming Trips

  • May 2013 - Brazil

Previous Trips


  • April - Iraq (Mary Harvey and Lorrie Fair)
  • March - Costa Rica (Tracy Noonan and Amanda Cromwell)
  • December - Afghanistan (Lorrie Fair)
  • July - Ethiopia (Tony Sanneh and Kate Markgraf)
  • April - Morocco (Lesle Gallimore, Angela Hucles, Marian Dalmy)
  • March - Argentina (Amanda Cromwell and Lauren Gregg)
  • March - Venezuela (Siri Mullinix and Lorrie Fair)
  • October - Guatemala (Shannon MacMillan and Tracy Noonan)
  • June - Brazil (Linda Hamilton and Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak)
  • November - Cyprus (Tony Sanneh and Sasha Victorine)
  • November - Thailand (Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak and Jay Miller)
  • September - Paraguay (Lorrie Fair and Danielle Slaton)
  • May - Cote D'Ivoire (Juergen Sommer and Linda Hamilton)
  • April - Bolivia (Amanda Cromwell and Jay Miller)
  • May - El Salvador (Cindy Parlow and Jeff Pill)
  • April - Morocco (Lorrie Fair and Jay Miller)


  • May - Philippines (Tiffany Roberts and Linda Hamilton)


  • October - Nigeria (Marcelo Balboa)
  • September - South Africa (Glenn Myernick)